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About Us

Clone Capital endeavors to make a significant difference in how our clients manage their portfolios. It is our passionate belief that optimizing energy portfolios and evaluating big investment decisions doesn’t have to be complicated. The key to maximizing portfolio performance is the right mix of tools, resources and commercial expertise.


Our philosophy is to never think of our work as “per-hour services" – Clone Capital’s engagement is an investment in your investment. With every client, our ultimate goal is for you to trust we will look out for your interests the same way an employee would. We work hard to make a real difference in your business, helping you manage more efficiently and make solid investment choices.


Let’s work together to evaluate smartly, with a simple process and the right information.

Anand Balakrishnan | Founder and CEO

With two decades of commodities experience, Mr. Balakrishnan has spent 12 years trading gas, power and crude oil options and swaps, as well as five years pricing gas and power structured transactions. Mr. Balakrishnan is also co-founder of three trading desks and the sole founder of a proprietary trading and consulting firm.

Mr. Balakrishnan holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from Boston College Carroll School of Management, an MBA from University of Missouri-Kansas City and a degree in Electrical Engineering from the College of Engineering, Guindy. He is also a CFA charter-holder.

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