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Our Services

Risk Management

We provide risk management advisory for power generation, natural gas transportation, and storage owners. Our services include asset valuation, risk measurement, monitoring and strategy to maximize the value of our Clients’ assets within their risk profile.

Hedge Advisory

Our hedge advisory service includes daily portfolio valuation updates, real-time market monitoring and hedge advisory to optimize the value of the asset portfolio. We also assist Clients in the hedge execution process with procurement and evaluation of bids, establishing contracts, and analyzing credit risk and margining requirements for hedges.

Hedge Origination Services

We assist Clients who are seeking to evaluate opportunities with the origination, negotiation and execution of PPAs and structured hedges for both existing and proposed renewable and thermal generation projects.

Middle Office Services

We work with Clients to manage their trade management process including managing trade confirmations, settlements, reconciliation, credit reporting and Mark-to-Market reporting.

Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence

We assist Clients in the asset acquisition process by providing asset and portfolio valuation services, market intelligence, risk-reward analysis, and identifying strategies to enhance the value of the investments. A comprehensive understanding and pricing of market risk is critical in today’s rapidly evolving energy industry.

Trading Infrastructure

We work with Clients as they build and set up their trading and asset management infrastructure – risk systems, subscriptions, trading platforms, contracts, counter-party introductions, risk policy and controls, as well as other middle and back office processes.

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